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What is Rockadex

How to Apply

When applying your RockaDex please ensure you rub it onto the area well.  This will heat the tape up and ensure it lasts, refrain from getting the tape wet for at least an hour after application. When removing the tape lift it from above the transmitter, use scissors to carefully cut a line upwards this will ensure the CGM sensor stays in place and you can then put on a new RockaDex sticker.

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Got my case and some patches for my Libre today. Quality is fantastic and Miriam was a pleasure to deal with. I will definitely be a repeat customer.


Amazing quality product. I have bought from other places but they don’t stay on nearly as long as rockadex! Amazing for my daughter’s Dexcom especially summer months when she swims a lot. Thank you! 


Awesome product. I was worried my kid might have a reaction to it, but it works great for his sensitive skin. Very quick response and super friendly service.