M-Brace Thumb Splint #137
M-Brace Thumb Splint #137

M-Brace Thumb Splint #137

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This accessory must be used on 134 or 136 products only. The main features of the M-Brace Thumb splint are: 
  • An advanced fabric ensuring a very comfortable touch while allowing the skin to breathe
  • Right and left models available
  • A structure which can be totally opened so that wearing the splint is easy and painless 
  • Moldable support. 
  • RIZOFIX, the patented thumb block system immobilizes the thumb from the inner side, leaving the opposite side free


  • Traumatic pathologies: distortions, carpal-metacarpal fractures, tendonitis.
  • Degenerative pathologies: root arthrosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthrosis.
  • Rehab phase: provides post-trauma and post-op tendon muscle relief.
  • Available in left or right.